Clinical Chemistry

Refined solutions for your safety and well-being. At Cormay, we strive to deliver precise and time-efficient ways of clinical testing. We recognize the need to obtain results that are both accurate and fast. Our goal is to provide technologically capable tools, accessible and affordable to small and medium-size laboratories, clinics and hospitals. Everything from Accent analyzers to chemistry reagents, washing solutions and more — our framework is wide, but it is the details that make the difference.

Clinical chemistry test — Accent analyzer, control materials and more

We value people’s opinions — our research stems from the experience of both patients and medical professionals. With almost 40 years of expertise we are able to recognize and address the main points of concern, while delivering technology designed to make your life easier. Our solutions — including clinical chemistry tests, analyzers, and calibrators — are based on multi-patented performance enhancement technology, developed in our labs. The aim was to deliver smart, fully-automated devices that will boost facility's efficiency even further.

You will find additional information on our solutions, devices, and other tools below. Our approach to clinical chemistry testing revolves around designing ready-to-use equipment, such as our Accent analyzers and calibrators, as well as effective materials — reagents, and more. Feel free to contact us, in case of any further questions regarding our products, specs, or availability.

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