We are constantly developing our product portfolio through different IVD segments to provide accurate and quick insights into different health conditions. Immunochemistry is a key part of this, helping us to understand how the human body is working at a chemical level. This knowledge contributes to advancements in medicine, diagnostics, and treatments.

Developing diagnostic test in immunochemistry is important for detecting early stage of the diseases, allowing for timely treatment and better outcomes for patients. These tests allow healthcare providers to monitor treatment progress and adjust interventions as needed, ensuring the best possible care for patient.

Immunochemistry focus mainly in monitoring hormone levels and function of enocrine glands such as thyroid, gonads or pituitary. It also helps to diagnose and monitor cancer, cardiovascular, autoimmune or inflamanmation disease.

AURYX 90 Immunoassay System is a fully automated analyzer with a 86 T/H throughput that performs a broad range of immunoassay tests using Electrochemiluminescence (ECLIA) technology. This analyzer comes with smart futures making work easier to use and reducing hands-on work.

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