A conscious Woman is a healthy Woman

The 8th day of March is not only a good excuse to celebrate, but also a great opportunity to think about how women themselves can successfully take care of their bodies by giving themselves the best possible gifts.

Regular screening tests make sure that the body is in good shape and nothing wrong with it, or detect a disease early enough to be able to completely cure it. You can ask your doctor for help in creating such a "pro-health" schedule, who will match the tests to your age and health.

The chance for a cure is a faster and more accurate diagnosis

Cytology, mammography and blood tests are addressed to all women, especially to those women who do not regularly undergo preventive examinations and those with an increased risk of cancer due to family history of cancer, as well as women 40+ who naturally increase the risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer, diabetes and heart disease with age.

Early diagnosis and implementation of appropriate therapy allows for the full recovery of many diseases, including:

  • heart diseases,

  • blood (e.g. anemia),

  • thyroid gland,

  • cancers (including breast cancer, cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer),

  • and many other health irregularities.

Cormay Diagnostics has always focused on accuracy, precision and comfort in the use of devices and our products for the sake of patients' health. 38 years of experience in the field of hematology and biochemistry diagnostics gives us confidence that we deliver results you can trust! We connect Healthacare Professionals with European Quality & Innovation in IVD.

Our comprehensive offering of IVD solutions combines the high quality of our reagents with the proven technology of the brands we distribute. The advanced technology of our instruments is crucial in delivering fast and accurate diagnostic test results. 

If you need more information regarding our devices, control materials, or reagents, feel free to contact our support team — we are here for you.


Good health Dear Ladies!

Check yourself regularly, take care of a healthy diet and physical activity!


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