At Cormay, we value your time and comfort. Our range of health screening solutions was designed to address key problems and concerns, based on the feedback collected from both patients, doctors and laboratory technicians. Urinalysis proves to be a comprehensive area, holding great potential for obtaining precise and useful data through highly-automated testing procedures. We provide tools and materials — such as analyzers, strips, and controls — that allow for fast and accurate kidney or and liver screening.

Urine testing — comprehensive liver and kidney screening

Through urinalysis, it is possible to detect various clinical conditions, as well as other urinary system irregularities and failures, based on the chemical composition of a testing sample. The efficiency and overall simplicity of the procedure allows for regular health screening, monitoring the liver and kidney status, but also detecting potential infections, diabetes, and acid-base imbalance. Our aim was to deliver equipment that would further optimize the process.

Our Uri Tex series is a line of portable and lightweight instruments, designed for conducting comprehensive urine strip tests. It includes ready-to-use devices that allow for multiparametric urinalysis, as well as dedicated strips and control materials — 11-parameters results available in 60 seconds. Feel free to contact our support team in case of any further questions — more information on specific models and materials is also available in the respective sections of our website.

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