Career in Cormay Diagnostics

Why should you join Cormay Diagnostics?

Focus on customers and results

Facus on Customers is a magical value that builds relationships and helps the company achieve better results. Our products are made for people, and the mission of CORMAY is to obtain full customer satisfaction from the use of the products offered by the company and to provide advice, assistance and experience.

  • Provide customer expected solutions while keeping the high quality and timeliness.

  • Consistently strive to meet a target and providing work results.

  • Involve people in achieving desired results.

  • Organize work time efficiently.

  • Maintain high level of commitment and motivation.


Developmend and innovation

Development and innovation are needed to keep changing for the better. As a company, we focus on the systematic expansion of the offer and adapting it to the current needs of the laboratory diagnostics market with the unquestionable quality of the products offered and the consistently high level of services provided.

  • Constantly improve your professional and personal competences and raise qualifications on your own initiative.

  • Set yourself an ambitious targets and achive them.

  • Develop and implement fresh, non-standard modes of action.

  • Encourage others to think out of the box and seek innovations.

  • Be open to change and work on the ability to adapt quickly to change.


As a company, we are one team and for all processes to run smoothly, cooperation is essential. It develops us on many levels.  We learn to express our opinion, talk about our needs and respond to the needs of others. We are looking for compromises. It forces us to listen to other people. Each team member contributes their skills, which means that we can complement each other as well as learn from each other. Nothing integrates employees like a common path to achieving a goal.

  • Cooperate effectively with each other to accomplish tasks.

  • Take care about good relations, sharing knowledge and experiences.

  • Take responsibility for joint work, support and help.

  • Take into consideration constructive feedback, ideas and opinions.

  • Tell the truth and clearly define your expectations.



Work-life balance

Work is an important part of our lives. However, we must remember that work-life balance is one of the conditions for maintaining health, well-being and life satisfaction. The modern labor market forces us to multitask and adapt quickly to changing conditions. This again generates stress, which is often transferred to private life. Long-term exposure to tension can lead to health problems as a consequence. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a healthy balance, which will also avoid professional burnout.

  • Strike a work-life balance.

  • Keep yourself and others physically and mentally fit.

  • Enjoy relationships at work and outside of work.

  • Be flexible and understand the needs of both parties.


Our recruitment process

  • Let us know you

    Use the application form or send us an e-mail with your CV to

  • Candidates selection

    We select candidates with a CVthat fits our profile best. We invite candidates for an interview by phone and e-mail

  • The interview

    During the interview, we verify the substantive knowledge and skills sought for a given position, e.g. English, Excel or other simulation tsks. The interview is conducted by a member of HR Department and the Head of the Department for which the Candidate is interviewed. We respect the Candidates' time and that's why we conduct two steps of recruitment at the same time.

  • Welcome on board

    We will present a job offer to the selected Candidate. Regardless of the result of the interview, we always inform all Candidates about our decision and provide feedback.

People stay with us for longer


of employees worked with us for at least 5 years


of employees worked with us for at least 10 years


of employees worked with us for at least 15 years

6.5 years

is our average employment period


PZ Cormay S.A.

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303 Pulawska Street
02-785 Warsaw, Poland