About Orphée

Orphée is a Swiss based company developing systems for hematology market dedicated to small and mid-sized laboratories as well as physician offices worldwide. Orphée was founded in 2002 in Geneva. Since than it has constantly developing the world-class hematology solutions, which are using multi-patented IVD technology.

At Orphée, we understand the significance of technology in delivering fast and accurate diagnostic test results.

Interferences are strongly dependent on the patient’s health and can be very different from patient to patient. MYTHICS’ innovative, patented single cell measurement technology ensures TRUE 5-DIFF performance. Multi-patented technology combined with our proprietary dynamic clustering algorithm delivers precise test results for confident diagnosis.


First launched in 2004, the MYTHIC Family of hematology analyzers has become the flagship of our Swiss hematology company, Orphee. Simplistic in design, out compact MYTHIC analyzers feature superior technology offering unsurpassed TRUE 5-DIFF diagnostic performance, unstoppable reliability and unmatchable cost savings.


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