Clinical Chemistry: Analyzers

Veterinary chemistry analyzers — ACCENT Family

With the ACCENT family of Clinical Chemistry analyzers it’s possible to assess several crucial parameters of veterinary patients’ health. The combination of Patented Optical Technology with Smart On Board Sample Management and market leading reagents deliver a whole range of comprehensive test results. The devices were designed for in-vitro diagnostic use in veterinary facilities.

The ACCENT line makes for a selection of capable chemistry analyzers with easy controls and automated analysis process. Those diagnostic tools are capable of measuring the concentration, activity, and other clinical parameters of serum, plasma, urine, or cerebrospinal fluids. Fairly simple controls allow for quick and accurate operation, which combined with high precision readings makes them a viable solution for any kind of professional laboratory.

Our line of analyzers for veterinary clinical chemistry can be applied to a number of different medical processes. Those include complex diagnosis and health monitoring, organ function assessment, targeted treatment monitoring, as well as routine veterinary health screening. Accurate laboratory results serve as the basis for any medical procedure.

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