Veterinary offer:

Consolidation of offered services and on-site laboratory tests now possible with CORMAY DIAGNOSTICS VETERINARY, comprehensive portfolio of tailor-made veterinary solution's.

Throughout the world, the best peoples’ friend is the animal companion. These intelligent, social and emotional creatures have learned to communicate and interact with us in a unique way. The undeniable friendship for us, humans, means one more thing, the necessity to care and attention to well-being of our animals.
Cormay Diagnostics is a Professional Partner in Veterinary Diagnostics. Therefore we deliver the best solutions among Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis and Parasitology for Veterinary Diagnostics. Products widely used and applied in human diagnostics, ready to be used in dynamically developing and seeking for new solutions Vetrinary Healthcare.
The full range od products, dedicated to comprehensive testing in Veterinary Clinic. Fast and reliable, multiparametric diagnostics, providing the priceless information on Patient healt status ant to make fastest possible treatment decisions.


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Katarzyna Zarosa

Product Manager