The nutritional panel includes a variety of tests that can help you determine if you are getting enough nutrition. This panel can also help rule out adrenal gland disorders and malnutrition. Depleted levels of nutrients can lead to life threatening conditions and seriously limit the body's ability to fight off infection and disease.
The nutritional panel includes a liver/kidney function tests, Magnesium and Calcium test, CBC, which measures important parameters of the cellular makeup of your blood that can reveal anemia, signs of infection or other factors that may cause fatigue.
The transferrin, TIBC and Iron tests helps to assess the amount of iron in the body. These tests are often ordered at the same time and the results interpreted together to help diagnose and / or monitor iron deficiency or iron overload.

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The specification was based on data determined on selected analyzers. We recommend that all users should refer to the instruction for use (IFU) and instruments’ user or service manuals before proceeding.

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