Determinations of α-1-acid glycoprotein (AGP, OROSOMUCOID) concentration in serum  are mainly used as an aid in diagnosis of inflammation and tissue necrosis. α-1-acid glycoprotein belongs to the positive acute phase proteins, its concentration increases  in inflammation, trauma, after surgery, but also during pregnancy. Decreased protein concentration is observed in malnutrition or protein loss syndrome. α-1 acid glycoprotein is also a protein that binds and transports many substances, both endogenous and exogenous. α-1-acid glycoprotein can bind progesterone, steroid hormones and drugs, mainly alkaline, incl. propranolol, chlorpromazine and lidocaine. Hence, measurements of this protein have utility in interpreting levels of drugs that may achieve high serum concentrations without the expected therapeutic effect owing to being complexed in inactive form to higher than normal amounts of α-1-acid glycoprotein.






On board stability


Calibration stability


Measuring range

0,143-2,42 g/l

Regulatory status


Reagent lines

  • Multipurpose Line

  • ACCENT-200

  • ACCENT-300

  • A-400

  • A-800

  • Prestige 24i
    Prestige 24i ALPHA-1-GLYCOPROTEIN ACID (24 positions reagent tray)
    Prestige 24i ALPHA-1-GLYCOPROTEIN ACID (36 positions reagent tray)

  • OS


Panels: infectious, inflammatory, oncological, specific proteins

Available reagents

The specification was based on data determined on selected analyzers. We recommend that all users should refer to the instruction for use (IFU) and instruments’ user or service manuals before proceeding.

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