Innovation that plays a leading role in reducing antibiotic resistance

Nowadays we can observe that antibiotics that had previously been successful suddenly stops working or becomes less effective. It takes time to realize what is happening, and meanwhile, you get sicker. An infection that previously could be treated at home may require a hospital admission.

Increasing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) presents a major threat to public health because it reduces the effectiveness of antimicrobial treatment, leading to increased morbidity, mortality, and health care expenditure.

As response on this problem Global organizations Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance: 

Indicator for bacterial or virus infection.

Medical Practioners can now consider not prescribing antibiotics for patients who are unlikely to suffer from bacterial infection, while ensuring that patients who do require antibiotic treatment receive the appropriate antibiotics, at the correct dose and for the proper duration.

We as Cormay Diagnostics have solution in order to fight with antimicrobial resistance- Mythic 3CRP it’s a perfect solution for you. CRP parameter can define with which kind of infection Doctor is dealing with.


Let's see more information about our new hematology solution - Mythic 3CRP - 


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