Why the new brand?

Established in 1985, Cormay has built a strong reputation as a manufacturer and distributor of market leading high quality, high performance clinical chemistry solutions. In 2005, Cormay expanded its specialized knowledge and technologies into the production of high quality reagents for Swiss company, Orphee, a company we later acquired in order to bring to you the unique and powerful Mythic patented analyzers.

Today, our two leading European IVD brands continue to bring clinicians worldwide state of the art patented diagnostic technology and clinically proven high performance reagents and bring to you, our valued partners, the competitive edge to keep you strong.

Our new company brand, Cormay Diagnostics, represents the common values that each of our Cormay and Orphee brands bring to you, including a comprehensive portfolio of high performance high quality reagents, and innovative patented analyzer technologies that deliver superior analytical performance, intelligence, reliability, productivity and cost efficiency.

This is what Cormay Diagnostics represents.

What will change?

  • Our communication to the outside world and all stakeholders will be know led from corporate level, Cormay Diagnostics Group.

  • We introduced new marketing materials.

  • We build a new global website.

  • On every industry event we will represent global brand – Cormay Diagnostics.


We do not only extend our technology and product portfolio, we want to constantly develop our new brand to be recognizable all over the world!


PZ Cormay S.A.

Ursynów Business Park
303 Pulawska Street
02-785 Warsaw, Poland