Tests Results You Can Trust

Cormay Diagnostics

Cormay Diagnostics is a group of European companies of IVD innovation and high-quality technology. Combining the almost 40-years experienced manufacturer of reagents, Cormay with the outstanding technology knowledge of Swiss hematology company, Orphee, we work together every day to build an IVD brand that can be trusted.


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The Lifeline To Better Health

We use the truth hidden in a single drop of blood to become a lifeline to health. Our actions uncover the past and reveal the future. We help to understand the known and discover the unknown. We connect distributors, doctors and diagnosticians with pristine-quality IVD technology.

We provide medically and business-effective solutions that help clinicians to rescue their patients. In everything we do together, we give hope to create a better, healthier world.

Tests Results You Can Trust

We connect distributors with pristine-quality product. We connect clinics with state-of-the art IVD technology. We connect people in need with tests that can help them in their fight for health. Simply put, we connect needs with solutions.

We Are Driven By Quality


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